Best Online Jobs For Writer's In Nigeria 2021

 Best Online Jobs For Writer's In Nigeria 2021

Best Online Jobs For Writer's In Nigeria 2021

Are you a writer looking for a write and get paid online jobs in Nigeria? Writing is a versatile profession, writing has been a good skill to make some good cash online.

However, professional writers are hard to find, hence if you have a good skill in writing, you can turn your skill into a steady source of income.

Meanwhile, the money you can make from writing varies depending on the stories you have and the amount of reads your stories earn. 

Some people can make a full time living from writing online, while some people make less than a hundred dollars per month. 

The reason why most writers fail to succeed online is that most of them offer their writing to the wrong audience, and such can led to negative feedback. 

Some platforms allows you to register and create writing gig to connect with thousands of people looking for writers online. 

Best Online Jobs For Writer's In Nigeria 2021

professional writers are hard to find, hence if you have a good skill in writing, you can turn your skill into a steady source of income.

  • Forum Posting

One of the easiest way to make money online if you have a flair for writing is by forum posting.
Most webmasters have started hiring people to post on their forums so that their forums can be busy and gain popularity.

Meanwhile, all you need to do is initiate new threads, respond to existing ones, and keep the conversations going.

You can do this by posting interesting thoughts or teaching people things. The exciting thing about this job is that you get to learn new things. 

However, if you are lucky to post in forums you are interesting in, you will get paid for just having fun.

For  each forum post you make, the general price range anywhere from $0.10 to $0.50 per post. If you devote most of time into the job, you can earn $100 everyday. 

Meanwhile, you can apply for forum posting job on freelancing sites.

  • Guest Writer

Webmasters need specific experts to create content for their websites. They might not be too familiar with specific topics, so they need the help of a writer.

If you are an expert in any particular topic, you can make some good money by writing in and offering your wisdom.

Depending on the length of the content you create and the value of the topic, you can make $25 to $150 anytime you write.

  • Article Writing 

If you are a good writer, you can make a lot of money by writing articles for people with websites.
Many website owners need to keep their websites current and up to date, but don't have enough time to frequently create new content for their webpages.

They hire people who can write on their behalf.

Article writing jobs pay from $1 to $100+ depending on the length of the article and your creativity. Meanwhile, if you are already an expert on the topic you are writing about, you can also charge a premium. 

  • Write an eBook 

If you are a talented writer, why not an eBook about using eBay to make a lot of money. However, many people might be aware of eBay basics.

They will still try to look for new ways and will buy the book. We advice you make the eBook very simple and creative to be able to attract buyers.

  • Writing Web Components

If you are a good writer and have a little knowledge in Java programming, you can write web components and sell them online.

Some students are interested in purchasing things like drop down boxes for projects. You can choose to create components yourself or apply for jobs online.
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